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Elite Pools Warranties

We’re proud to offer warranties that cover fiberglass, vinyl liner and gunite pools. Whatever type you choose, we give you peace of mind throughout the life of your pool. One of the best benefits of our warranty is the fact that you receive free water analysis for life.

Licensed Professionals Make the Difference

Having NC-licensed General Contractors means Elite Pools, Spas & Hardscapes customers can invest with confidence in the backyards of their dreams. You’ll find many pool builders who don’t have GC licenses, but the benefits of working with accredited pros are significant. Licensed contractors must prove their solvency, so you know you’re working with reputable people. The state will even step in if there’s any type of dispute, which gives added peace of mind.

Elite Pools also has NC-licensed Electrical Contractors to eliminate the hassle of finding a separate contractor for electrical work. We have extensive experience safely burying cables, properly wiring pumps and filters and building within the electrical code.